Design Studio

Design Studio is a multidisciplianry student design group at IIT Roorkee focusing on Game development, Industrial and Product design. Here I present the concept design and animation of the Logo Reveal Video. This video was a part of a long chain of branding material for the group's introduction.


Cognizance is the Annual Technical festival of IIT Roorkee. As the Lead Design Manager I led the branding exercise for 3 odd months with numerous illustrations, animated videos and soft sculptures. Here is a glimpse of some selected work.

Single Project

“Hephaestus” was a robotic shipping event in which the ship has to drop two sensors to two different specified area, then it has to cross the compartment to the next compartment through a canal divided in many channels and then control and turn off the fire of oil rig. A fireboat is a specialized watercraft and with pumps and nozzles designed for fighting shoreline and shipboard fires. Modern fire boats are capable of pumping tens of thousands of gallons of water per minute. But, the demand of these ships are only when there is a trouble and for the rest of the time it remains dormant. So, this event is to develop a combo ship which can not only fight against fire but also helps in geophysical exploration by projecting a robot to sea bed accurately.

Single Project

The Cognizance 2016 theme was 'aimBIT' carved out of the word 'ambit' meaning sphere of influence. Also aimBIT signified a push towards digitalization in Indian social set-up. This graphics echos the same ethos as it was made out of circles and rectangles only. The circles represent ZERO while rectangles ONE, the basis of binary system and digitalization. Further, centered at the logo of Cognizance they were shown weaving a sphere of influence i e ambit. Also, the graphic gave a feeling of bull's eye thus representing 'aim' of the term aimBIT